About Me

Hello!  I’m Laura Allen.  Pleased to meet you!  🙂

This started out as a personal blog but has since turned into a kind of tech help page for people looking for solutions on the internet.

I’ve been working with computers since about 1997, so I’ve been around the block.  My father was a network administrator for a business, so we had all sorts of computers and all the latest tech lying around the house.  I quickly became interested in computers, but I’m not really into coding.

I used to use Macs all the time, hence the name of this blog.  However I switched to PCs about 6 years ago and I’m not looking back.  Macs have become too hard to upgrade, and they are much too expensive.  Case in point, the Mac Pro has not been “refreshed” in almost 2 years, yet they are charging an arm and a leg for it.  It’s a little crazy.

Anyway if you like what you see here, shoot me an email!  I always welcome comments about my posts and articles.

You can also reach me at info@macjesusx.com